about me

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Hi! My name is AMANDA BOOTS 


My favorite things are coffee, zombies, cats, my Ducati, green, cheese, Mars Attacks, Kurt Vonnegut, moccasins, Social Distortion, and vanilla ice cream. I watch documentaries while i work. I have a whole room in our house dedicated to board games.  I love the sunshine and I like to travel. I do nerd things like mtg, pvz & minecraft. I read in the bathtub and eat breakfast food for dinner. I recently got married to my kick ass husband, who gave me a pretty cool last name.


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BORN in Erie, Pennsylvania on April 9th

EDUCATED at Kent State University, majoring with a BFA in Visual Communication & Design (Graphic Design), Concentrating in Illustration. And minoring in Web Design.

WORKING at American Greetings and Freelancing

RESIDING  in Streetsboro, Ohio